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Pnoe - Black

Pnoe - Black

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Find Calm in Every Breath with Pnoe

Rediscover inner peace with the power of mindful breathing. Pnoe is your personal breathing guide that makes it easy to gain control over anxiety and stress.

Wear our breathing pendant to effortlessly slow your breath. Our design gently guides you to prolong each exhalation, triggering a relaxation response in both mind and body.

Pnoe utilizes proven breathing techniques to reverse the effects of stress. By stimulating the vagus nerve, Pnoe shifts your body into parasympathetic mode to lower heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol.

Experience the healing benefits of breathwork anytime, anywhere. Pnoe integrates breathing mindfulness into your daily life, training your body for lower baseline anxiety.

Experience for yourself how a small change in breathing can create a big change in how you feel. Pnoe - find calm in every breath.

How to use

Inhale normally through your nose for 4 seconds, allowing your belly to expand.

Place your lips over the pendant opening and exhale slowly through it for 8-10 seconds. You should hear a soft whistling sound.

Repeat for a few cycles, ideally 4-5 times.

The controlled exhale through the Pnoe Necklace triggers your relaxation response,
promoting mental calm and physical relaxation. The elegant pendant serves as a
tangible tool to practice this breathing technique.

By wearing Pnoe throughout your day, you have a convenient reminder to stop and take a few deep
breaths whenever you feel stressed or anxious. The necklace empowers you to
make controlled breathing a healthy habit that reduces anxiety.


- Made from 316F stainless steel
- Rustproof. Antibacterial.
- Waterproof and convenient to clean.


The pnoe breathing tube is 50cm long and 8cm wide. The chain is 70cm long.

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Why it works

The Pnoe Necklace is designed to help you practice a breathing technique called exhale prolongation.

Exhale prolongation simply involves extending your exhalation so it becomes longer than your inhalation. Most experts recommend making your exhale about twice as long as your inhale.

For example, you would inhale normally through your nose for 2 seconds, then exhale
slowly through pursed lips for 4 seconds. This 2:1 inhale-to-exhale ratio has been shown to elicit relaxation and vagal tone, the calming function of your
parasympathetic nervous system.

This is where the Pnoe Necklace comes in. The unique shape and opening of the pendant provides the perfect resistance and circumference to naturally extend your
exhale to 8-10 seconds.